Stories I’ve Found, 9/28/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

The Dalai Lama has a message for those rioting in the Middle East, and I daresay it would apply us to our election this year. I’m becoming a fan of Omir Safi, for not only are the Dalai Lama’s words powerful, but the story from Rumi the author shares is a great lesson as well. The Dalai Lama’s saying is:  Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

This is an inspiring story about Bethlehem University, which I got to visit when I was in the Holy Land. It’s a great school and this appointment is a sign of a hope and sign of progress to see this appointment.

So glad to see events like this happening in my area.  At times we get peace right, and in that idea there’s hope.

David French gives a powerful witness to the realities returning soldiers face in Thoughts on War, Loss and Suicide.  I don’t agree with him completely: some of us could not fight or serve in the Armed Forces due to our Faith convictions, but we could do much, much better for the men and women who put their lives on the line for us on many, many levels.

Pope Benedict XVI can really nail it at times. God’s Word always moves first, in life and in worship.

The struggle to pass on religious values to the next generation is always a daunting one. This article talks about bringing up children Muslim in Western society; I would think bringing up children in the Faith is an issue for any religious household today.

Hell: the Ultimate Reality Distortion Field gives some essential insight on the nature of the universe and our perceptions of it. We should be aware enough of ourselves to know whether we’re putting up our own reality distortion fields or not. I will have to find Kevin Miller’s movie Hellbound? and see it someday.  I’m also planning to share some thoughts on Hell next Wednesday (brimstone optional).

Who was the most religious President of the U.S.? I would agree the President called “The Deacon” by the Secret Service probably was, although I wouldn’t agree with him religiously.

Some would call Donald Trump a prophet. Of what, I think is self-evident. His visit to Liberty University is interesting, at least.

I absolutely adore Religion News Service’s title for their daily summary of Wednesday, September 19:

“Jesus returns to Missouri with his wife, carrying Elvis’ Bible”

They can stay at my place, all three of them.


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