Stories I’ve found 8/17/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately.

With the announcement of the Republican Vice Presidential candidate last week, Ayn Rand has been and is going to be in the news a lot, and there’s been a lot of articles about her already. She puts her case here in person with Mike Wallace in 1959, and I think it’s always important to get the message from the source. If you can listen to the other two parts of this interview, be my guest, I think this is enough to get an understanding of her, and if you think this is how we should live, you’re free to do so.

And the very Catholic and conservative William Buckley comments on her magnum opus:

(By the way, it’ll be rare that I’ll put up a videos or sound bites. I usually like reading better than listening to talks, because I can read faster than people can talk, but in these cases I’ll make an exception.)

Never looked at the Assumption from this angle before, but it’s interesting. Still pondering how I feel about it, fetomaternal microchimerism.

As a former Presbyterian, I couldn’t resist Bill Tammeus’ column: “What Did Calvin Get Right?” I’m willing to acknowledge Calvin as a man of sincere faith and humility, but his record as Theocrat of Geneva leads me to shy away from him. For the sake of personal integrity and learning positive lessons wherever I can find them, I’m willing to try to take an unbiased look at him. But I do not believe that God is a Lawyer (Calvin WAS a lawyer). Bill’s column and the article by William Bole he linked are good reads. However, I’m not going back to any branch of Calvinism.

Atheism is on the rise, that is more apparent every day. Its role in the indifference to reporting on religious issues that I complained about last week is probably due to the influence of atheism in higher education the past few decades, and how it isn’t interested in teaching students anything about religion at all (whether they’re teaching anything successfully is another issue). This article has some information about the numbers of atheists in other countries that is a little surprising.

While we’re on the topic of atheists, I found this interesting article about St. Augustine’s approach to Genesis. The article is wonderful and after reading it, I’d like to find the treatise he references. Wouldn’t call Gus my best buddy, but I’m willing to give him a hearing on a difficult topic.

This article from Patheos asks a classic question about what is the Gospel, and answers it pretty well, at least in part. We’d do a lot better using this as a starting point:

Religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular gets misinterpreted in the American press on a regular basis. It happens in France (and Europe), too:

One of the best commentaries on a sentimental longing for the past I’ve seen.

There something about this story that doesn’t sit right, something needs to be done if this is the case. The title was enough to get my attention:

This story has nothing to do with our daily lives, but the irony of it is amazing. A lesson that we all need to know where we come from as we chart the course of our lives:


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