Stories I’ve Found, 8/10/2012

The tragedy of Milwaukee has shone a greater light on the religion called Sikhism. Here’s a good site to explain this faith.

Sometimes, I think the opposite of knowledge is willful ignorance. This kind of reporting is a second attack on the Sikhs who were shot at, and indirectly to the rest of us that practice any kind of religion. How is knowledge spread through ignorance?

The so-called debate between science and religion gets a lot of ink and airplay, and most of it is ill informed. This article makes a rather good point of the limitations of science, especially when confronted with the Existence of God issue. Stephen Hawking said: “The scientific account is complete, there is no need for theology.” I would disagree, as would this author.

I find it interesting to see how different faiths approach moral questions, and this is a fascinating article of how some Jews teach business ethics.

This blog isn’t about grammar, but it involves communication. I’ve run across this essay several times and if I were an employer, I’d follow this standard as well, nothing personal. Of course, I always try to talk good.


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