First group of Links I’ve Liked:

I’m a big believer in primary sources, so here’s the Bible I use most often, the New American Bible.

Yes, I know there are other Bibles out there, and they’re useful, no doubt. If there’s a translation issue, I compare translations and commentaries since I didn’t study Biblical Hebrew and Greek (Yes, Catholic seminarians can get away with this).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church:

I’ve found this a little easier to use than the Vatican version. If there’s a doubt about what Catholic teaching is, I go straight here first (actually, I get the book version from my shelf first, but you know what I mean).

Information about world religions that’s fairly reliable. I go here first when I want to get something straight about Buddism, Islam, etc I go to Religious  I’ve found the information here pretty good, although if I want to go deeper I try to find a place that puts things as the church/religion/believer would like them put.

I go to these places almost daily for Catholic or World Religion news and opinion:

Catholic News Service homepage.

Religion News Service


This may expand and contract as time goes by. I rely on CNS for my Catholic news since it comes from the U. S. Bishops. I don’t go to the Vatican site often, but will if something leads me there.

Just found an interesting site about the media and religion.  I love their header: “The press. . .just doesn’t get religion.”  True, isn’t it?
My home base, the website of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Kansas City Province.  Lots of good stuff about the spirituality of my community through here.

There are times I need Paul Turner‘s wisdom and learning.

I usually check out Bill Tammeus’ blog every day, even though I don’t agree with him about everything:

Same goes for my old friend, Bill Seibert, even though he doesn’t post that often.

I’ve found some interesting articles over the past few months at the Pray Tell blog, with some fine writers contributing.

I do have a lot of books, my residence looks like I live in a library, and I use them regularly. At some point of time I’ll give you some favorites from my bookshelf. I also read magazines as well as look at several news sources online everyday, domestic and foreign.

Starting Friday of next week, I’ll be putting up interesting articles I’ve found rather than general websites, although if I find a new resource I’ll share. I am happy to find sources for all over, I’m not limited to Catholic sources. Feel free to tell me about a place you’ve found useful.

There is a quote from Aristotle I saw on Facebook that I agree with completely: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” I’m working on the “educated mind” part.


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