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Neither Silver or Gold

If we take a look at the readings of the Easter season, they have a very different purpose than Lent’s readings.  Lent teaches us what we need to know about Jesus; Easter teaches what we need to know about living Christian community together.  Perhaps the best story is Peter and John’s healing of a crippled […]

Easter Sunday, Cycle A

Readings of the Day The story of the empty tomb is like no other. There are details that appear in other myths from around the Mediterranean, divine beings that come back from death every spring, gods who take on human form for a time, but nothing like our main story today. No other culture I’m […]

Homily: Good Friday

Readings of the Day This is not a place where we want to be, here at the end of the passion reading. Do we really want to stand at the tomb of lost hopes? Do we really want to stand on a hill of disappointment? Do we really want to embrace suffering? It is a […]

Homily: Holy Thursday

Readings of the Day It’s an old, old story: two men who came from the same place, worked together for many years and then ended up on the opposite sides in a conflict between good and evil. The great misfortune of the Civil War was that brothers fought for opposite sides; it also happened during […]

Sharing Christ’s Suffering Today

This weekend a crazy old man drove from the Ozarks to the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas and shot three people at random: this anti-Semite killed three Christians to demonstrate his hate.  The story is testament to the God given right for any lunatic in America to have a weapon and only be […]

Homily: Palm Sunday, Cycle A

Readings of the day Taking a walk with a friend can be more than exercise. Walking together is a way of sharing spirits. Whatever you see, you see together. Whatever you hear, you hear together. Whatever you encounter, you encounter together. Walking together is an opportunity to talk that is unhurried; there can be great […]

Stories I’ve Found, 4/11/2014

Interesting stories I’ve found: Leah Perrault gives us some excellent observations in her post Shifting the Focus: Objectivification, Porn and the Longing for Belonging.  Her take on the main problem with porn is absolutely correct. Chris Steadman shares us an important question: what’s the biggest misconception about atheists? In every Ivory Tower, there’s a temptation […]

The Joy of the Gospel, Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5: SPIRIT-FILLED EVANGELIZERS (Paragraphs 259-288) “Spirit-filled evangelizers means evangelizers fearlessly open to the working of the Holy Spirit. . .Jesus wants evangelizers who proclaim the good news not only with words, but above all by a life transfigured by God’s presence.” (259) This portion speaks us on a basic level, continuing themes from earlier […]

Homily: Fifth Sunday of Lent, Cycle A

Readings of the Day Bethany is nothing like it used to be. When I stayed in the Holy Land, my home away from home was a convent that was just up the hill from Lazarus’ tomb. There’s a church there now, of course, and the tomb is a short distance from it. Across the street […]

Stories I’ve Found, 4/4/2014

Interesting stories I’ve found: Is it all right to fight with God?  Pope Francis says there are times it’s the best way to pray, and tells us of the benefits we get by confronting God about the fulfillment of promise. Columnist Jonathan Merritt shares his struggle with childhood abuse and the insecurity that follows.  His […]


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